Executive Search

Trends International is engaged on an exclusive retained basis to identify exceptional talents for Senior, Executives and highly specialised functions locally, regionally and internationally.
Clients will benefit from a tailor made approach to meet their needs with a structured execution plan.

Step 1 – Long list

Trends International consultant will identify and target peer competitors and organizations within related markets and industries, screen adequate candidates, assess them and provide a long list to its clients for review in order to confirm that the right criteria are met.  

Step 2 – Short list  

Once the market mapping has been thoroughly conducted and successfully approved, Trends International consultant will conduct initial telephone and/or face to face interviews when possible to assess the adequacy/relevancy of identified candidates. A shortlist will then be compiled following our best practices. A detailed document will be presented to the clients highlighting the candidate’s past and professional experience, relevancy and notes highlighting the reasons the candidates have been selected.  

Step 3 – Delivery – form Interviews to the closing of the mandate

On acceptance of the shortlist, Trends International will arrange interviews, handling all logistics needs, between the candidates and the clients, adhering to their internal processes. Trends International will conduct references checks when asked and facilitate the negotiation process.  


We pride ourselves to deliver within an efficient and cost effective time frame on the various steps to meet clients expectations.
Each step’s time frame is initially shared and discussed with clients before initiating the search for each mandate.


Trends International is involved in every aspect of the project including post placement process which we view as essential to the completion of a successful mandate.
Continuous support to clients and candidates insures a flawless and optimized positive outcome.